Through the lens of Berlin blue-light-pantone with photographer Irene Cruz

She is someone who is totally in love with Berlin blue-light-Pantone, someone who moved from Spain because of that. Her name is Irene Cruz and she is a photographer, performer, and video artist. She consider herself as an artist fighting hard for a place as an artist in the world, trying to make some sort of gesture or write with light some kind of pathway that actually makes her really happy.

Cristina Benzi: How did you develop your interest in photography?
Irene Cruz: I am not able to remember myself without a camera in my hands. Since I have memories, Photography has been a very important part of me. I used to travel with my family, and I have always seen my father immortalizing moments, printing them, and showing them on our house walls… it was so amazing, I wanted to do the same. And maybe that it is how I discover my vocation.

CB: How would you describe your style?
IC: I always try to capture and transmit through my artwork all this feeling that the natural environment inspires in me. Rarely I show faces in my images, I make my work away from customization to represent universal emotions and feelings. My artwork is about philosophy, mystery, privacy, integration with the landscape… nature is everything.

CB: What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such imagery?
IC: I don’t know exactly where my ideas come from; Berlin, and the experiences that I have here really help on that, it is an amazing city to create. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the imagination that awakens the books that I read, mostly of them, philosophy or sociology, Nietzsche, Simmel, Ritter, Spinoza, Heidelberg, or Sennett are some of my favourites. On other occasions I get inspired by movies, I am especially fascinated by the director Terrance Malick, he is my big reference. I love his way of working, his way of telling stories. 

CB: The first photographer that comes to your mind.
IC: Gregory Crewdson 


CB: What equipment do you prefer to use? 
IC: I have lots of cameras, but normally I shoot with my Nikon D800, and my favourite lens is the 24mm one. I also hold a Fujifilm Instax (instant pictures), an underwater camera… and also the old analogic Nikon FA that my father used when I was a little girl now travels with me. 

CB: How important is Photoshop in your final images?
IC: It is not really important, I only use it to develop my photos in a very basic way. In most of my images, I just use the plugin Adobe Camera Raw and that’s all. When I do videos, I edit them with Final Cut colour correction tool. 

CB: How do you promote your photos?
IC: Normally I work with different galleries that sell and exhibit them on different places as Art Fairs. On the other hand, I publish my artwork on the Internet very often, I get featured on different online (and printed) magazines and especially I share them on Social Networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

CB: Among your work, which one is your favourite and why?
IC: I think I have a little predilection for my series “Inner Tales”, I developed it on my first travel to Berlin 5 years ago. It happened in Spindlersfeld. It was like a revelation, Berlin’s blue light came through my eyes, through my lens, and I saw it clearly: that day I decided that I wanted to work as a professional artist, and go as far as I could. 

CB: What photography ambitions have you not yet achieved?
IC: I would really love to exhibit my work in galleries as Camera Work, or C/O Berlin… But I have the feeling that my style does not really fit in the Photography tendencies here. My photography is very performative, and here they bit more for a documentary or fashion one. 


CB: Where do you see your work in 5 years from now?
IC: This is a very difficult question for someone like me that rarely think about my far-off future. Maybe I get crazy and I end up living in a lost town between mountains, deer, and lakes (as long as it has wifi…), or maybe I will be in NYC (who knows if on Brooklyn Bridge or under it). Let’s see! I will keep working for making the situation the best possible.

CB: Which are your following projects? 
IC: This week we are inaugurating in Berlin “Instintos Distintos” an exhibition commissioned by Instituto Cervantes Berlín and La Red at Glougauair.  During the summer I will work mostly on video art. On August I am planning to improve my skills as VJ and I want to learn some Video-mapping techniques. On September I will be part of the Berlin Art Week, and then I will start travelling again, to participate in Art Fairs in Sweden, Spain, and France as I have written down in my agenda.

For more info about the artist:


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