Interview with photographer Konrad Langer

Cristina Benzi: I got to know you by your user Instagram account Konaction, probably many people did so. When did you start and what was your motivation?

Konrad Langer: I started my Instagram account in August 2013. Back then I downloaded the app to stay in touch with friends, who used this app more often than Facebook. After a while I realized that there are quite a few people here in Berlin, who got to capture their surroundings in an interesting way. I felt inspired to actively participate in this community even more.

CB: You said all pictures are taken by your mobile camera. Can you tell me more about the process of your captures? What do you think that makes the perfect place or moment to photograph it?

KL: Perfection is not an easy word, when it comes to photography, but a surprise effect has to be part of the process. The best shots were often those ones, where I could find something new. A new spot, a fresh idea, a sudden shine of light or anything that I haven’t expected to be part of the photo. These are the pictures, that I remember more often than others.

CB: First thing that came to my mind when I saw your pictures is the geometrical shapes and forms you make from landscapes and buildings. Tell me about this geometrical obsession.

KL: Good question. I always liked graphics and graphic photography but I also think that it has something to do with the technical limitation of mobile photography, where often a strong composition is needed to make an object look interesting.

CB: Nowadays with social media is easier to become a social influencer but what and who does (or did) influence you and your work?

KL: There are quite a few people on Instagram, who I really love for their work and who inspired and motivated me to take photos.

Recently I realized that a source of personal inspiration lies in my teenage years. A few years ago I went skateboarding with my friends almost everyday and the way how I look for photospots and their visual interpretation is quite similar to the way I used to search for skateable locations back then.

Light in its various and often surprising characteristics is always inspirational too.

CB: What do you think is necessary to become a good photographer? I’ve read somewhere that today is even more important to have a good eye than a professional camera. What do you think about it?

KL:Good equipment can sometimes help to express ideas in a more accurate way but in the end, everything has to be in your mind before you release the shutter of whatever camera you use. If it fits your idea, style and message, a mobile camera can be more than enough to take a good photo.

CB: At the opening exhibition you said to me your hobby is now getting closer to become your profession too. That’s awesome, isn’t it? How have you reached this point?

KL: It’s a daily transition. The only way this could happen, is that I reached a significant amount of followers on Instagram. Now through a lot more knowledge in social photography and community management I can offer this expertise to work on other projects, either photography or social media.

CB: Can you tell me a bit more about the purpose of this exhibition?

KL: My friend Martin Adler, who works at a print shop, asked me to assist him with his idea to set up an exhibition at a place, that he really liked. For me it is a perfect way, to show some of my pictures to an audience that is not necessarily online. And obviously, the value of a printed picture is just so much higher than one that only appears on an iPhone screen.

CB: As last question, have you consider to make further exhibitions somewhere else any time soon?

KL: Yes, there are more projects coming up, both solo and group exhibitions.

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